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Standard Data

Gear Series GB32K....Planetary Reduction Gearhead - 0.4……. 2 Nm

Gear Torque :- 0.4....2Nm

Combination with Mechtex motors (add assembly drawing along with proper mounting :-

 DC28, DC30, DC32,DC36, DC38, MTR2b, BI24,BI28,BI36,BI42, BO32,  (others like BO42, DC42, etc on special request).

Mounting :- 4 ~ M3X0.5X4mm deep, PCDØ26

Axial thrust :- 15 N

Lateral force :- 45 N

Output Bearings :- Powdered metal (Ball bearing on special request)

Output shafts :- 6mm (others on special request) Ø

Ambient temperature operation :- '-15….+55 °C

Enclosure :- 40 IP 

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