Reduction Gearheads - GB2
Gear Torque (Nm)
Transmission Ratios
2.5 to 4536000
Slipping Clutches
One Way Freewheel Two Way Friction (For Certain Ratios Only)
Output Shafts 'mm'
Ø 4 x 14
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Design In GB2 gearhead ,spur gears rotate on hardness steel spindles which are polished to a mirror finish. In order to damp running noise at slow running times and low motor loads,the initial spur gears after the rotor shaft are made of injection moulded poly acetal. The spur gears close to the output shaft on the other hand,are made of metal.The output shaft is mounted in two special brass bushes. The entire gear train is put between metal plates with a plastic frame. It is permanently lubricated and therefore requires no maintenance. Thicker shaft (06-7mm) mounted in robust bushing (012) are available in new variant (GB2S). Single-way or two way slipping clutches can also be installed to enable the output shaft to be rotated while the motor is stationary. GB2 can also be combined with small DC Motors. To achieve higher gear torque, GB2 can be mounted on GB4.
Timers, Chart Recorders, Potentiometer Drives, Light Displays, Hour Meters, Cam Timers, Programming Devices and Control Instrumentation.