Reduction Gearheads - GB5H
Gear Torque (Nm)
Transmission Ratios
25/3 to 6000
Output Shafts 'mm'
Ø 4 x 14
Dimensions 'mm'
55.2 x 65.8 x 12.1
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Gearhead GB5H, a moderately priced gearhead, is specially designed to cater to heavy duty application in a small frame. This is a multi step gear box with all thick metal gears that rotate on steel spindles which are polished to a mirror-finish and introduced between metal plates with a plastic frame. All bearings are permanently lubricated and therefore require no maintenance. Motor is attached to the gear box by means of snap clip. Thicker shafts (Ø6-7mm) mounted in robust bushings (Ø12mm) are available in a new variant (GB5HS). GB5H can also be combined with small DC Motors, To achieve higher gear torque, GB5H can be mounted on GB4.
Instrumentation, diamond machinery, peristaltic pumps, motorised displays, programming devices, cam timers, medical equipment, valves and actuators.