Reduction Gearheads - GB5P
Gear Torque (Nm)
Transmission Ratios
25/3 to 540000
Slipping Clutches
One Way Freewheel Two Way Friction (For Certain Ratios Only)
Output Shafts 'mm'
Ø 4 x 13.5
Dimensions 'mm'
55.2 x 65.8 x 16.6
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Gearhead GB5P, the most popular gearhead, is a multi step gear box with all polyacetal gears which rotate on steel spindles which are polished to a mirror-finish and introduced between metal plates with a plastic frame. All bearings are permanently lubricated and therefore require no maintenance. Motor is attached to the gear box by means of snap clip. Thicker shafts (Ø6-7mm) mounted in robust bushings (Ø12mm) are available (GB5PS). Similarly the gears at the output end can be metal with thick shafts & robust bushings. Sintered gears variant also possible GB5P can also be combined with small DC Motors. To achieve higher gear torque, GB5P can be mounted on GB4, GBW & GBX. In same mounting we can also offer casted gearhead with & without ball bearing.
Instrumentation, diamond machinery, peristaltic pumps, motorised displays, programming devices, cam timers, medical equipment, valves and actuators.