Synchronous Motors - MT6b
Speed 'rpm' @ 50 Hz
Speed 'rpm' @ 60 Hz
Torque 'Ncm' @ 50 Hz
Torque 'Ncm' @ 60 Hz
Input Power 'W' @ 50 Hz
Input Power 'W' @ 60 Hz
Motor Shafts 'mm'
Ø 2 x 9.5
Dimensions 'mm'
Ø 48 x 18.5
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MT6b is a unidirectional synchronous motor. The direction of the motor is either CW or ccw which is fixed with help of reversing stopper while manufacturing. This nonreversing device also guarantees at all times starting in the desired direction with high starting torque. The motor consists of a cylindrical sheet iron stator which forms the poles. Mounted on the hardened and highly polished rotor shaft is a high coercivity sintered magnet ring around whose circumference 12 poles of alternate polarity are disposed of Special version of the motor without the non-reversing device is also available. In this case, the motor can start in any direction. The motor can be provided with screw or snap clip for fixing.
Instrumentation, diamond machinery, peristaltic pumps, motorised displays, programming devices, cam timers, medical equipment, valves and actuators.