Synchronous Motors - MTR8c
Speed 'rpm' @ 50 Hz
Speed 'rpm' @ 60 Hz
Torque 'Ncm' @ 50 Hz
Torque 'Ncm' @ 60 Hz
Input Power 'W' @ 50 Hz
Input Power 'W' @ 60 Hz
Motor Shafts 'mm'
Ø 4 x 12.2
Dimensions 'mm'
Ø 66.4 x 40.4
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The MTR8c reversing synchronous motor with permanent magnet rotor is electrically reversible and due to its unique stator design it is moderately priced. The rotating field is produced with a phase-shift capacitor and double-stator with coils thus ensuring extremely quiet running. Long life is guaranteed by the robust design (sintered bronze bearings; self-centering type). The MTR8C is operated with singlephase AC current The same motor version can be used at 50Hz and 60Hz Various windings of motor are available that are tailored to specific requirements.
Reversible power drive for actuators, pumps, label printing machines, medical and optical equipment, office machines, automatic vending machines, machine automation.